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Feel free to dare to report to cleanup - thanks to decades of experience - are professionals. There was still a dirt, dirt, dirt that caught up to us, not to have been able to cope with it.
Office buildings, offices, shopping centers, warehouses, stairwells, shops. Just to mention some of the most common places where precision thanks to the work of our employees do not have to ashamed unclean because of the environment.
Companies, many of you also typically includes the following tasks in the contract cleaning service is carried out in accordance with:
Daily cleaning service includes the following:
- Empty trash containers, trash bags if necessary replace
- Carpet vacuuming surfaces
- Stone Tile Cleaning
- Tables dust (only packed state)
- Other furniture dusting
- Cleaning Tables (furniture light) into conference
- Spider's web
- Rubbing Wet Phones (only the receiver, but a day)
Tasks to be carried out weekly:
- Rubbing Wet Window Sill
- Rubbing Electrical Switches
- Vacuuming upholstery
- Dust Cabinets
- Chairs Cleaning and Vacuuming
Daily tasks to be carried out:
- Halls of flooring Dusting and disinfection
- Toilet bowls, urinals, toilets cleaning, disinfection
- Cleaning of Mirrors
- Empty trash containers, trash bags Replacement
- Doors around the handle, daily washing, washing of the total required
- Thresholds spotless clean
- Tile Surfaces washing, disinfecting, dry votes
- Toilet bowls urinals as required etching, descaling
- Floor drains (channel cover) filling with water
- Cleaning Electrical Switches
Tasks to be carried out weekly:
- Doors and Frames wet cleaning
- Floor drains clean
Monthly tasks to be carried out:
- Ventilation grids, suspended ceiling light fixtures are clean
Daily tasks to be carried out:
- Floor sweeping, washing of
- Furniture Wet Rubbing
- Wall tile dust
- Dishwasher Cleaning
- Empty trash containers, Wash, replacing garbage bags
- Washable walls cleaning
- Refrigerators Washing
- Doors washing around the handle
- Thresholds spotless clean
- Spider's web
Tasks to be carried out weekly:
- Doors and Frames wet cleaning
- Kitchen Furniture Wet Rubbing
Monthly tasks to be carried out:
- Ventilation grilles, light fixtures and clean surroundings (also suspended ceiling)
- Fridge Defrosting
- Surface chemical clean
- Doors, door frames chemical clean
- Armature, hood cleaning chemicals
- Chemical clean earthenware
- Chemical cleaning of stone surfaces
- Tile Surfaces chemical cleaning, disinfection
- Ceiling, skirting chemical clean
- Radiator, radiator grille chemical clean
- Upholstered chairs and sofas chemical clean
- Chemical clean bins
- Mirrors chemical clean
- Alpin techniques that do not require chemical cleaning of windows and windows
- Air conditioning diffusers chemical clean
- Charts chemical clean
- Furniture of metal body chemical polishing
- Leather sofas supplier of skin care treatment
- Table lamps, telephones chemical clean
- Dry carpet cleaning technology to
- Marble Polishing
- Dry Carpet Cleaning
- Carpet Cleaning deep wash
- Impregnation
- Kristalizing
- Beeswax finish
- High gloss coating
- Technical Alpine car wash
- High Speed ​​machines for polishing
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