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About us


The net - Flex Ltd. 100% Hungarian-owned company, started its activities in 1998 in Budapest, 15 participants, nearly 150 people are currently serving the customers' needs.
Our company has the experience to work integrated in the implementation of organizational principles of modern, well-organized, disciplined work to take care of higher quality care.
Our work with megbízóinkkal organize and plan, so our prices are realistic to the actual needs of performance will be established.
End of 2012 our company has a laundry service company.


  • We offer our services to suit our client's needs and flexible torso.
  • The quality of service and reliability to serve a good basis for cooperation.
  • Every one of our employees - an important part of our company.
  • We all feel that our own value systems, and in this spirit we work.


  • improve the cleanliness of the environment, improve the feeling of comfort,
  • the organization's transparency and accounting services,
  • flexible personnel management and dispositions,
  • responsible for placing the daily task of caring external contact,
  • permanent contact with the users of the service provider,
  • overall satisfaction of the customer service idényeinek.

Company info:

Company name: Net-Flex Building Maintenance, Sales and Service Ltd.
Headquarters: 1213 Budapest, Kórus str. 25.
VAT number: 12665479-2-43.
Court Register Number: Cg.01-09-985867
Owners: Bechtel László, Bechtel Lászlóné
The company is represented by: Bechtel Lászlóné
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