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Awareness of the environment is important to us. While at work, its contribution to the environment?

Our company only environmentally friendly, approximately 85% biodegradable materials.

Is it possible that the different products we have available?

Our company has many customers approached with a request that the next cleaning representation and acquisition of operational assets entrust to us. Therefore, we expanded our services with this service. Clients with a convenient and beneficial both services from a company you order, so this solution is cost-effective, and the system has been developed within the trust relationship between quality and reliability for our customers.

The supervision of work outsourced workers must give me someone?


No. Our company provides a full-time area manager who has years of experience in cleaning establishments. It also includes the Customer contacts with the institutions of cleaning activities of the organization, management, requirements definition, and team leaders in the areas of control. Object solely responsible for the person who is directly accountable to the General Manager.

The work carried out by the workers what equipment?

Single emblem employees wear uniforms, work with modern machines and equipment.

The work required for machinery and equipment in our company we have to offer?

No. The company provides equipment. Machinery for cleaning, service carts and mopping structures (VERMOP, bags, Henkel) have. Our equipment the object of cleaning the period before the start of the whole area cleaned delivered in sufficient quantities. The cost of equipment and material, of course, be borne by our company.

What are the criteria used to select the area of ​​labor?

The current portfolio of trusted maid cleaning staff will continue to want to apply, if our expectations, fulfill the conditions. In addition, the continued working and teaching are selected from the cleaning staff to ensure the required fields. Foreman's spot in the record are observed in the reliability, appearance, communication skills, thereby guaranteeing and promoting the efficient and flexible cleaning.

What services may be available?

Daily maid service, great cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, laundry services, cleaning textiles.

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